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You are Always a Student! (Me Too!)

You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward. – Conrad Hall

There is so much truth in this. To become the best, we always must be working on it. The day we feel like we have arrived is the day we start to slip. I think this comes out in many areas of our lives, but I really find it necessary in our work places.

I want to be the absolute best sports and musculoskeletal chiropractor. When I say this, I don’t want to take anything away from my colleagues, as I am sure that most of them strive to be the best they can be as well. When it comes to improving, I cannot make changes for others, but I can change myself. I can do this by always being a student.

In my profession I learn by having different clinical issues being presented to me and by taking continuing education classes. I cannot predict or alter the way I receive patients with clinical problems that help me grow, but I can improve my treatment protocols by looking for new methods and treatments that will help the patient.

This is my deep burning passion. I want to take lots of classes that relate to my professional mission as a sports chiropractor. This is challenging because I am in great company, but it doesn’t slow down the drive I have to be the best possible clinician to my patients’.

I feel I OWE it to them, to fix them right, fix them as quick as possible and to show them how to prevent that issue in the future. Continuing education allows me to travel all over the United States and rub shoulders with like-minded professionals and share best practices.

I usually sit down around January or February and decide how I am going to stretch myself from a clinical perspective to be better. With all of this being said, I would like to tell you that I am super excited about my education opportunities I have coming up so far this year. Required training is 16 hours and I have over 70 hours planned. Here is a list of what I have planned through May.

  1. Active Release Technique Re-certification. This was a class that I took 2 weeks ago that was a class I took 2 years ago. Active Release or ART requires its practitioners to recertify every year to maintain their certification. I was happy to take this class because it was upper extremity and helped me learn a few new moves that help with both neck complaints, but shoulder injuries as well.
  2. Selective Functional Muscle Assessment or SFMA. This is a class designed to help work on muscle patterns and help reduce weakness in muscles. I feel like this will help me in many patients that come in with repetitive injuries due to muscle weakness and imbalances. This therapy is making big permanent changes and I am happy to be going to this class next.
  3. Designated Doctor Certification. This class is to further some evaluation skills and help assess injured workers on their condition. This will help with objective findings on range of motion and other diagnostic testing.
  4. Extremity Adjusting. As a chiropractor and student of Texas Chiropractic College, I learned how to adjust extremities. In my practice I see lots of runners. I see lots of plantar fasciitis. I feel the motion that is translated through the feet and knees can have a huge part in reducing pain and injuries. While I am good at adjusting the feet, ankle and knees, I want to be better. I am going to train with Mark Charrette DC who is considered one of, if not the best extremity adjusters.
  5. EntreLeadership. This is a seminar put on by the one and only Dave Ramsey. I really admire this guy for being an excellent visionary and leader today. He speaks with great authority and wisdom. I have read several of his books and look forward to growing as a leader in my practice and my community through his workshops.

While I continue to look for additional training for the second half of the year, I will make sure I spend quality time this summer with my family. I am writing to you to show my commitment to you, my patient, and show you how I am fueling my passion for continued improvement and my heart as a student.

I hope this encourages you to share your passion and challenge yourself. Be all that you can be to be the best you can. I feel that being a lifelong student is a great way to be open about the possibilities and it’s the way I am going to be the best chiropractor in Cedar Park that I can be.

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