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Achieving Optimal Health Through Healthy Living and Staying Active

Everyone should have a healthy lifestyle. When we take care of our physical health, we feel better, fitter and calmer. Being healthy does not only mean being physically fit; it also entails being intellectually and emotionally well.

Being healthy should be included into your daily routine. A healthy lifestyle can aid in the prevention of chronic diseases and long-term ailments. Having a positive self-image and taking care of your health are vital for your self-esteem and self-image.

An important first step in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is identifying less healthy habits and learning new, positive ones to replace them, such as:

  • eating healthy foods and balanced meals
  • sleeping well and managing stress
  • drinking alcohol responsibly and not abusing drugs
  • being physically active
  • staying connected with others
  • being aware of any health risks related to your illness and its treatment, and working with your doctor to monitor these and then take action
  • taking responsibility for your overall health including having regular check-ups for your eyes and teeth.

Importance of staying active

Being physically and mentally active offers advantages. It boosts your fitness, makes you stronger, and assists you in managing health concerns and staying out of the hospital. Physical activity allows you to regain control, become more independent, and live a healthier life for a longer period of time. Being physically active has numerous advantages, including increased bone strength, resistance to infections, weight maintenance, improved flexibility and joint mobility, increased energy levels, improved sleep, and a reduction in stress and blood pressure.

Ageing gracefully

Growing older is unavoidable. While you cannot control your age, you can decrease the ageing process by making wise choices along the way. Everything from the foods you eat and how you exercise to your friendships and retirement plans influences how quickly or slowly your body ages. The following tips will help you age well.

Reducing smoking and alcohol intake: Both smoking and alcohol have been found to have numerous harmful impacts on the ageing process. Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and other nicotine-containing products can cause heart disease, cancer, lung and gum disease, and other health problems. Similarly, restrict your alcohol usage to reduce your risk of developing health problems such as liver disease. Quitting smoking is difficult, but there are options available to assist you. Get the advice of a medical professional.

Scheduling health tests on time: Your bodily organs age as you age. Organs of the elderly are more susceptible to disease and less likely to repair themselves. You can keep an eye on the ageing body by having frequent health checks. This aids in the early detection and treatment of any health concern. Make it a point to get a full body checkup twice a year.

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  • Jennifer R.

    "Dr. Tuggle and his team are amazing! They have a solid approach for getting patients healthy with multiple treatment modalities and encouragement. He and his team subscribe to the belief that being healthy is a journey and they invite their patients in to participate in their healing. I have had truly remarkable success and am greatful"

  • Laurie C.

    "I had severe neck and shoulder pain and had tried all kinds of treatments and nothing was helping. I went to Dr Tuggle and I don’t have any pain at all anymore!! Thank you Dr Tuggle and team!! It’s been life changing for me."

  • Conna P.

    "I came in with a laundry list of pain points in both my back and neck. The team at BDPM listened to me, strategized with me on treatment and provided a comfortable place to heal and get stronger. The staff is incredible and made me feel like family while teaching me better ways to take care of myself. Highly recommend!"

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